Exactly 50 years ago, the Talonfang Wars finally found closure with the last reported sighting of a chromatic dragon. The Evenrealms returned to a sudden, foreign state of peace—battered but in aching relief.

An ancient “folk” religion called the Seven Point Star, rumored at times to be a cult of lunatics and fools and gypsies, know that this is only a mere sign. A small part of a grander scheme of things—a prophecy. A prophecy of doom. Of the rise of the Lich Theoldenbrachbaugh, “Grey Eyes”.


Stars of five return to skies;
Ten same colors, nine return;
One bloodkind and kith to feed:
The break to grey eyes’ ever dawn.

This is the tale of how a small band of the lesser mortals came to ride the very crest of the wave of change and destiny over the lands of Denturr and the Evenrealms—the tales of Denturr’s Greatests.

The Tales of Denturr's Greatests